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Welcome to Web-Ed systems, where implementing online learning is simple and effective.

Referred to as Learning Management Systems (LMS), Training Management Systems (TMS), Computer-Based Training (CBT), or many other variations, modern e-learning technology usually contains the following features: internet delivery; self-paced content; interactive multimedia presentation, and high costs. Web-Ed systems' TMS is a fresh approach to delivering simple effective online learning, at an affordable price.

According to a recent survey (ASSOCIATIONS NOW, June 2016, Edition), nearly 78 percent of professional associations use e-learning technology to deliver education. The top three areas of training content in 2015 were managerial and supervisory (12%), mandatory and compliance (11%), and processes, procedures, and business practices (10%). (ASSOCIATION FOR TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT -ATD- 2016 State of the Industry Report) But, pricing is a leading concern, and association educators struggle to find the time and resources they need to support their e-learning efforts.

Web-Ed systems ( delivers all of the features at a price that won't consume your training budget. Read about our Training Management System (TMS), and see some examples of its application. It delivers your training on any computer, tablet, or smart-phone, and will provide educators, students, and management with reporting and certification of effective education.

The TMS also includes a section called the "Semester Planning System" (TP), which can be used to setup a timeline for the curriculum. It enables an administrator to assign the "timeline" a user is expected to complete their training.

The TP can be used independently of the TMS to schedule a set Lessons or "Initiatives" and their associated "Action Steps". The TP displays the timeline with "Gantt" charts and progress graphs (see some examples at the left). Administrators can track "groups" of students' progresses over an entire year of Lessons.

If you need to setup a schedule of training, and want to track a group of students/employees/users through that sequence, the TP is designed for that.

The “Resource Center (RC) is another “system” that is part of the Web-Ed systems’ technology. Its purposes are twofold. First, to provide an integrated mechanism to download, or link-to, the resources referenced in our online training. Second, to prioritize the links based on the user’s profile, so that the most-important information is presented first.

Many Lessons refer to content that is necessary to act-on the training that is delivered by the TMS. The Resource Center organizes that content, and provides them a “center” to retain access to the “resources” they have learned to use.

The Resource Center is specifically designed to find and access the necessary content while “in-the-field”. If a user is trying to find a key document, or seeking to use or recommend an important service, the Resource Center will make it practical to use their smart-phone’s tiny screen.